Thursday, 29 May 2014

Well that's one way to donate blood...
But are they all just roll players?? 
Contact me if you are real...if you dare!!

Tesla's Spirit radio
Is this the real origin of spirit boxes, and spirit radios that we use today in paranormal investigations? If so does this answer some questions about what we are hearing??

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Experiments with terror

Recently read an article on modern music manly electronic, that adopts a more ghostly or other worldly tone. I'll post the article here

My words would not do it justice, but! What if some if this music was played to a group of people about to enter on a all night haunted vigil, or a evening ghost walk?
Would it change their perception?
Would it change what they see or hear?
I'd love to try this! And record results as well as a control group for contrast. Have a listen and maybe try it for yourself..

Haunted Birmingham kettle factory:1974 report   Is this an old employee or just a ghost with the runs??